Gardenos beach and its hidden beach bar

My favorite beach on Corfu was Gardenos beach, a long stretch of sand going on forever. Every other beach we saw during our exploration of the island, was either smaller or had pebbles, or lacked some other vital necessity. Personally I like a sandy beach with a changing area, a shower, a couple of restaurants around, and either natural shade or umbrellas and sun beds for rent. Gardenos beach complied with all my requirements and as added bonus, it is set in an amazing scenery.

Gardenos beach @Corfu

It doesn’t just look as if the beach was going on forever, it really was endless. I feel it’s best appreciated when you sit in a lounger and look out. Others prefer to walk the whole length. But to each their own.

endless beach @Gardenos beach

The only downside of the beautiful beach package was the lack of sunset. That was really too bad, but you can’t have it all.

the sunset happens somewhere else @Gardenos beach

Still, it’s great to sit somewhere on top and look down on this beautiful beach. Even at night.

Gardenos beach at night @Corfu

What Gardenos beach offers though is a hidden beach bar, Secret Paradise. Hidden in the literal sense. First of all you need to walk forever along the beach, something I immensely dislike. Because what’s the point of walking forever for a beer, when you can drink it close by as well?

walking forever @Gardenos beach

Even when you reach the bar, or are at least level with it, you still cannot see it. It was definitely hidden.

somewhere up there is the bar @Secret Paradise

It’s advisable to bring flip flops along for the walk, since the upwards part is a bit rocky. So if you have sensitive feet like yours truly, come prepared. To be honest, I was complaining the whole way to the beach bar. As stated above, I see no point in walking forever. Once on top though, I thanked the others for talking me along and endure my definitely not silent suffering.

Mythos is always good @Secret Paradise

As is plainly visible above, the bar is cleverly hidden underneath the trees. No wonder you cannot see it from below. Besides beer, Secret Paradise also serves cocktails. We opted for rounds of Mojitos and Ouzo sunrise, and I can tell you that the way back was a lot faster. Yours, Pollybert

Mojito @Secret Paradise

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