More impressions from the south-western corner of Scotland

Usually I like to keep my impressions post short and sweet. Okay, maybe not always. But when it comes to Scotland I am always going overboard. Scotland is one of my favorite countries to visit after all. You might have noticed that already, since I am coming back to it year after year. And still I haven’t seen it all and I am eager to explore another corner. Even revisiting places is fun.

There is so much history in connected to the country, and don’t let me get started on its nature. Just park the car anywhere and go for a hike. Scotland will always take your breath away. So the trip to the southwest corner was not different. After a short visit to the Isle of Arran, a drive around Kintyre, and a hop over to the Isles of Mull and Iona, we finished our road trip with a visit of Dunstaffnage Castle. What can I say, it was another amazing stay in Scotland and I can’t wait to go back next year. Yours, Pollybert

somewhere on Glen Rosa @Isle of Arran

path to the King’s caves @Isle of Arran

rock formations @Kintyre peninsula

a mix of sun and clouds @Kintyre peninsula

Goatfell @Isle of Arran

single lane road @Kintyre peninsula

a meandering stream @Glen Rosa

the McCaig’s Tower & Battery Hill in blue at night @Oban

finally a Highland cow @Glenramskill

driving along Loch Uisg @Isle of Mull

Dunaverty Rock from the other side of the beach @Kintyre peninsula

a deer checking out the Mull rally @Ardura

excellent weather @Tarbert

not a lot of trees here @Isle of Mull

the colorful houses of Tobermory @Isle of Mull

another place I could imagine living for a while @Isle of Mull

a small shop named after a saint @Iona

looking for Fionphort @Glen More

where boats go to die @Isle of Mull

flying home via London @England

burial slab @Iona Abbey

swan impressions @Lochranza

one lane road @Isle of Mull

heather @Glen Rosa

Killiechronan @Isle of Mull

like a string of mountains @Loch na Keal

Torloisk @Isle of Mull

looking onto Ulva @Isle of Mull

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