Two “maids” in the New Maidens’ Monastery

Late big breakfast again. I had to try today blinis with caviar and sour creme. Excellent choice, I will have the same tomorrow but with a glass of champagne so that saying goodbye will be easier.
We started and finished our sight seeing program today at the New maidens’ monastery. It is a convent from the beginning of the 16th century. Noble women were sometimes forced to withdraw within its wall, even one tsarina. It was not only a monastery but also a defense stronghold of the inner Muscovite circle.






Napoleon stopped here as well on his way to Moscow and wanted to burn it on the way back. It took the courage of some nuns to prevent this. I think in this sense one can also understand the next picture that one Muscovite can take on five Frenchman.


On the way to Pushkin Square we saw some beautifully arranged flowers.


At Pushkin Square we went into the Jelisejevski delicatessen shop which impressed us with its rich interior.


With this we finished our sight seeing program for today and went for a late lunch/early dinner again. Café Pushkin was a revelation for the palate. Our waiter was perfectly attentive, but what we liked the most is that he not once rolled his eyes at us at the amount of dishes we ordered. Plus he was young and pleasant looking.





Sorry that there are no pictures of the main dishes. We were just too voracious.

We decided to finish the day in leisure and went for a manicure at the mall on the way to the Radisson Royal.


Once back at the hotel we went to the Mercedes Bar where we enjoyed drinks and an overwhelming view of the city on all four sides.





Just take a look at Tici’s manicure! Isn’t it perfect?

I went to wellness area to enjoy the 50m pool (how come a hotel in Moscow has a pool of this size and the city of Vienna is not able to provide one for the public?) and the steam room. I was back in the room at 10:30pm and fell exhausted into bed.
Yours, Pollybert

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