Chiq Chaq – permanently closed

We went to a new place for dinner last week and were fairly disappointed. But let’s start from the beginning.

The place is called Chiq Chaq, it’s a burger joint that aims a lot higher than what is within reach. As posted here, ‘It’s all about the meat, baby’ is the best Vienna has to offer for burgers at the moment. And for the moment it is since it is only a pop up resto for the summer. There are a couple of other places that specialize in burgers but none as good as ‘meat baby’. So we have definitely room for another place.

The reservation was for 7pm, the place was half full and the light was on! It looked better later when they softened it a bit. I really liked the stylish interior and especially the lighting fixtures. See how the cables make a linear pattern on the ceiling? Also the open kitchen (and no cooking smells!) is an interesting contrast to the modern concept of the dining area. An open kitchen produces always a homey feeling for me which does not necessarily apply to this place.


I arrived first and when I noticed the ‘Happy Hour’ announcement on one of the boards behind the kitchen/bar, I decided to treat myself to something special. ‘Happy Hour’ is not really done in Vienna, at least at the top my head I can’t name any place that offers ‘Happy Hour’. Which is something I miss from Montreal. Anyway, I asked the waitress from when to when the ‘Happy Hour’ was to check if I could still get a drink. Right away she said that she would have to ask (wow, they really know about their specials) and when she came back she told me that the ‘Happy Hour’ was only on Thursday but then all evening long. That kind of contradicts the ‘Happy Hour’ concept but if they want to go there, fine. Maybe announce it differently for the customer though?

We went ahead and ordered our burgers, the menu looked inviting and I was hungry. Since my ordered ‘Spritzer‘ didn’t taste of much, I asked due to the new wine menu what white wines they had. After listing the three white wines by grape variety the waitress had to go and asked again from which vineyard they came …
Ordering my wine turned out to be quite difficult.


The burger itself was delicious, the meat was perfectly grilled. Very tasty my chili-bacon combination, enough heat but also a fine crunchiness on from the bacon. No complaints here.


The veggie burger from Sylvia on the other hand was a cold cheese sandwich in a bun. No medals for this one.

We left the restaurant right after we finished the burgers. It was not really inviting us for a longer stay.
Yours, Pollybert

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  1. Couldn’t agree more…

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