What I learned in Maribor

One wouldn’t think that upon visiting a neighboring city one wouldn’t find many new things to discover. But differences are everywhere and so much better for me. Here is what I learned in Maribor (to view other “What I learned in …” features click here and here):

1. Almost every restaurant/café had outdoor seating available and all of them were used even though it was freezing (okay, maybe it just felt like it). What was so amazing about it was that the heaters were not on and people sat outside and watched a football game. I was impressed.

2. Most of these outdoor places also had music playing. So while walking through Maribor I could hear music from left and right. And they kept at it until I went to the hotel around 10pm. I wouldn’t know what happens after.

3. Spring comes earlier in the South.

4. A car-free center is an amazing luxury and allows me to reach my daily pedometer goal without trouble.

5. I hate to be called ‘Madame’. It makes me feel like I’m the age of my mother. I wonder what they would actually call my mother?

6. There is much to be said about a hostel right in the center. I love it when frugality and practicality go hand in hand.

7. Traveling in an open-border Europe is one of the major advantages of the European Union. Let’s not fall back into the dark ages (or the pre-open days)!

8. Even if it is just for a weekend, traveling alone is a welcome change.

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