The good life

After a more than exhausting day driving around in the countryside and soaking up Scottish history we looked for something to eat. Once we were back in Fort William after our small detour to the ferry in Mallaig we turned North to Fort Augustus. Our bed for the night stood at The Lovat Hotel at the foot of Loch Ness.

So instead of looking further into grabbing a snack somewhere we just headed straight to the hotel. But then we passed a small unassuming entrance to the Glengarry Castle Hotel (which had luckily enough a sign outside that announced afternoon tea) and instead of going on we turned around and decided to explore the castle life.

Upon passing through the gates we followed a long road until we saw what might have been the former castle (which was called Invergarry Castle and razed to the grounds in 1746) on our right hand side.

Invergarry Caste ruins

A bit further up then was the real deal, a more modern looking hotel that still gave the impression of being a castle. At 5:30pm it was a bit on the late side for tea but astonishingly enough we still got served scones and tea while around us very quiet couples nursed glasses of wine.

Glengarry Castle Hotel

Glengarry Castle Hotel

tea salon @Glengarry Castle Hotel

Ravished as we were we fell upon these unassuming scones and also had got a second helping for X. I could only get a picture of the ‘bloody’ aftermath.

the rest of tea @Glengarry Castle Hotel

Thus refreshed we made our way around the castle grounds and down to Loch Oich (a super small one between Loch Lochy and Loch Ness). The Glengarry Castle does look impressive from below.

the Glengarry Castle gardens

view on Loch Oich from Glengarry Castle

Glengarry Castle Hotel

Loch Oich @Glengarry Castle Hotel

X at Loch Oich

Pia in front of the garden ‘wall’ @Glengarry Castle Hotel

Not much further was already Fort Augustus and with it The Lovat Hotel. Here we had booked rooms in advance to stay for the night. And what a great choice we had made. Perfectly renovated rooms (with uninterrupted wi-fi service) and a salon with a large fireplace. Here we met for drinks but upon deciding to eat in the hotel we settled down on the large sofas and enjoyed resting for a while.

salon @The Lovat Hotel

Pollybert @The Lovat Hotel

The available gins were of such a variety that I needed help with my selection. The lady of the house recommended a Scottish one called Blackwoods (I wanted to have a strong juniper flavor) and it was spot on to my taste.

Since the restaurant was fully booked we waited in front of the fireplace and got our table only about 21:15. No matter, I loved my small pot of mussels as  a starter (and they were perfectly rinsed and free of sand unlike in Ghent) and the braised lamb shoulder. Well worth the wait for this excellent dinner and in relaxed atmosphere X and I stayed up for another G&T. Loved it that the service was pleasant until the last moment although we were the only guests in the end.

mussels with G&T @The Lovat Hotel

braised lamb shoulder on creamy barley with fried balls of haggis @The Lovat Hotel

The next morning the sky looked overcast and grey from the bedroom window but when we left The Lovat Hotel and Fort Augustus after a really good full Scottish breakfast and cookies for the road, the sun was already making an appearance. Yours, Pollybert

Foggy morning @Fort Augustus

The Lovat Hotel @Fort Augustus

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