Breakfast at Café Telegraph

I might be repeating myself but breakfast on the weekend is just awesome. When you have time to sit down and really enjoy your coffee. It doesn’t matter if with friends or alone as long as the food is good.

Café Telegraph is just a couple of minutes from my place. And since I am always on the lookout for a second living room I really had to try it. Making a reservation on the phone appears to be impossible but they do answer the FB message within a day. So your necessary reservation shouldn’t be a problem if you want to come in the morning.

The open white space looks inviting and the coffee bar in the front room beckons with a display case to take a closer look on the available sweets.

coffee bar @Café Telegraph

dining room @Café Telegraph

My drink of choice was chai latte on this cold morning and I loved its spicy sweetness and silky froth on top.

chai latte and cappuccino @Café Telegraph

As countless other breakfast places Café Telegraph offers an avocado toast. But not only that, they have a whole page in their menu with avocado specialties. Besides these you will find varieties of Eggs Benedict, omelettes, diverse breakfast variations like Russian, British and Corinthian as well as a lot of “healthy” options eg. acai and California Bowl. The choice is yours and all the while you will look at this display case and think about the éclairs that are in there.

In the end I went for Eggs Benedict (choosing a mix of eggs Benedict and Florentine is not an option here!), and the others ordered Shakshuka, a Mediterranean omelette with feta olives and tomatoes and panini Salmone with salmon and avocado. The order took awhile – so maybe don’t come here when you are starving. As quick as they were with the coffee, the kitchen definitely takes longer.

When it arrived, everything looked delicious and also tasted so except for the Eggs Benedict. The sauce Hollandaise was way too salty and sour. In combination with the egg yolk it could be eaten, but this dish was not a revelation.

Eggs Benedict @Café Telegraph

Shakshuka @Café Telegraph

Mediterranean omelette @Café Telegraph

panini Salmone @Café Telegraph

Since the eggs left me slightly disappointed (isn’t it awful when the taste doesn’t match the looks?) I ordered a mini caramel éclair with coffee. Such a great idea to also offer éclairs in a smaller version. The always “on a diet” female clientele will be much more inclined to eat one.

caramel éclair @Café Telegraph

So the éclair might have also looked better than it tasted. What can I say, on this day nothing really worked for me. Everybody else though was very pleased with what they ordered, so I will definitely go back and try something else. Yours, Pollybert

Café Telegraph
1090 Wien, Garnisongasse 7
Tel: +43 664 1445581
Mon-Sun: 09:00-17:00

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