What I learned on Mallorca

As often as I have been to Spain, there is always something new to discover. It was my second time on Mallorca and it was totally different from the first one where I spent a week on a finca. This time it was a long weekend in Palma with day trips to the coast. Traveling as usual teaches you something and I am no exception. Here is what I learned while spending a long weekend on Mallorca. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Male window mannequins have genitals. I have never seen a male one naked before.

male window mannequin in Palma @Mallorca

2.) It’s enough to order the small portion when you don’t know what it is. Sometimes it’s just awful.

3.) Just ask strangers what they are drinking and you will learn about a new drink. We got to know Patxaran.

Patxaran served with lemon and olive @Mallorca

4.) Dog poop doesn’t get picked up by the owners.

5.) Since Mallorca is famous for its almond trees: for us every blooming tree was an almond tree. I have no idea that is true, but totally convinced it is.

blooming almond tree? @Mallorca

6.) I have never seen any Vermuterías (like La Rosa) before arriving in Palma. In the end it’s just like any bar. And vermouth is a really weird drink.

7.) Nothing beats the start of a holiday when you stop for a beer before checking into your hotel.

beer and olives, a staple of Spanish hospitality @Mallorca

8.) There is no need to always rent a car while on vacation to get around. Slow travel includes public transportation. which gives you ample time to get to know the landscape while also let’s you read your book.

9.) There is no need to travel to Cambodia to see trees encroach upon buildings or other stone work.

when trees meet a sidewalk @Mallorca

10.) Above all you can always find Christmas ornaments on Mallorca.

Christmas all year long @Mallorca

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