Primo Piano Osteria Pizza Bar – permanently closed

If you speak a bit Italian you understand the name of the restaurant right away. Primo Piano means first floor. And that is exactly where it is located. Underneath, on the ground floor, there is a different restaurant. One hot summer evening we had dinner at Primo Piano and found enough cooling options to be happy.

First of all they serve Prosecco with ice and soda. Wow, never had that anywhere before and really like this version of the popular Italian drink on a summer evening. It’s refreshing and sparkling. What more do you want?

Something to eat of course. I really like antipasti when it’s warm. So this is what I went for. The prosciutto was tasty and very thinly sliced, and came with other cold cuts, grilled vegetables and a small Caprese salad. Olives and Parmesan brought it all together. With it we ordered a portion of rosemary pizza sticks. All in all, the perfect summer dish.

antipasti @Primo Piano

Someone ordered a Caeser salad which came with raw tuna. Quite the interesting combination. The salad looked lovely albeit a little lost in the big dish. I didn’t hear any complaints though that it was not enough. So I assume it was perfect.

Caesar salad with tuna @Primo Piano

It’s never too hot for pizza and therefore the signature dish also found some buyers. Two to be exact, one Margherita and one Verdura. The crust was thin and crunchy and the Margherita tasted excellent. I like pizza that way.

Pizza Margherita and Pizza Verdura @Primo Piano

The place was packed on this Thursday so you might want to call ahead. The terrace does look over a busy street but you can still chat without trouble. The service was a bit slow, there is only one guy (I assume the owner) running around and getting the orders. With the place getting busy later on, it took a while to get new drinks. Overall though a lovely evening and a tasty dinner. Yours, Pollybert

Primo Piano – Osteria Pizza Bar
1180 Wien, Czartoryskigasse 1
Tel: +43 1 4704020
Mon-Sat: 17:00-24:00, Sun: 12:00-21:00

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