Das Kolin

Although the Kolin has been around for a while, I only managed to go there for breakfast once. Unfortunately it didn’t convince me then, but I am all for giving a neighborhood restaurant a second chance. This time we met for dinner and, since the weather didn’t work out, we stayed inside. The large terrace does look like fun though and the seats along the wall are perfect for a quick coffee or drink.

Inside mannequins sit on a number of tables to make sure customers keep their distance. They are wearing beautiful traditional Austrian fashion from Hanna Trachten. At first it’s weird that lifeless ‘people’ are sitting at the next table. But it kind of fills the place in the first throes of the re-opening.

dining room @Das Kolin

The menu at Das Kolin is a bit all over the place. It starts with a Thai soup, and then moves burgers and bowls, and pasta and risotto. So in the end I ordered a fried chicken bowl with potato salad. This combination always works for me. Fried chicken is such a comfort food and I needed something warm on that evening.

Unfortunately the potato salad is off. It tastes as if it comes out of a bucket and had gone bad. There is really no chance on how to save it. But the waiter takes it back without a problem and brings me back more green leaves and radishes instead. So in the end I had a very healthy dinner, but it was just not great.

fried chicken bowl @Das Kolin

My friend the Thai soup and the Tom Yam soup apparently is just right. Since she has lived in Bangkok until recently, I trust her judgement. So the soup got great marks.

Tom Yam soup @Das Kolin

And last but not least my other friend got the salmon burger. It came with a cilantro-chilli crème fraîche, lots of veggies inside and a side order of fries. While the fries were a hit, the burger was a miss. It was just bland and my friend was sorely disappointed.

salmon burger @Das Kolin

Das Kolin has great atmosphere and we really enjoyed our stay. The drinks were tasty and the service is attentive and friendly. Just avoid the kitchen and you will be fine. Yours, Pollybert

Das Kolin
1090 Wien, Kolingasse 5
Tel: +43 1 890 0221
Email: office@daskolin.at
Mon-Fri: 11:00-24:00, Sat: 17:00-22:00

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