Breakfast at Ukiyo bistro

Asian breakfast in Vienna is a rare thing. I fondly remember a Saturday morning in Montreal when I had a dim sum breakfast with friends. Nothing ever came close to it and Vienna is far away from any China town to offer such a thing. So when I perused the online menu of Ukiyo I was happy to see savory porridge for breakfast. The last time I had that was at Café Kandl and it was delicious. It was time to try it somewhere new.

Ukiyo Café is a lovely café with a couple of tables inside and just a few tables outside. There is no real terrace but it’s quite alright to sit on the sidewalk.

Ukiyo bistro @Wien

I ordered the savory porridge with egg, tomatoes and meat sauce. As it turn out, the meat is not really in a sauce but rather a fry up. That doesn’t matter though, it’s very tasty and the spring onions on top give it all a bit of a crunch. The portion is huge and I couldn’t finish it all.

savory porridge with tomatoes and meat @Ukiyo bistro

My friend was super hungry that morning and went with the savory platter. That’s a huge dish in itself, since it comes with veggie sticks, sweet potato hash browns, and a breakfast bao with a pancake with mushrooms and bacon. Sounds like enough, but he also got the fried egg with kimchi and oyster mushrooms. At least it’s a healthy breakfast and it’s also tasty. Also this is definitely something new in Vienna. no matter if you are as seasoned traveler or open-minded, this is a great way to explore your taste buds.

savory platter @Ukiyo bistro

fried egg with kimchi @Ukiyo bistro

Service was very friendly but definitely a bit struggling with the time. You shouldn’t be in a rush when you come here, but isn’t breakfast on Saturday about starting slowly into the weekend? The menu holds more than one item which has me interested. So I need to come back again. I do wish though they would put some Congee on the breakfast menu as well. Yours, Pollybert


Ukiyo Bistro
1040 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 75
Tel: +43 1 4302383
Tue-Sat: 09:00-21:00, Sun: 09:00-18:00

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