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A late Friday lunch with a friend was one of pleasures last summer. Unfortunately neither is summer anywhere close nor the opening of any gastronomy. So we still have to make do with takeout. NT Bành Mí has specialized on Bành Mí, the typical sandwich, but also on summer rolls as well as a few other dishes. It is foremost a sandwich bar though. An this sandwich is takeout material, no matter the circumstances. Because the Vietnamese Bành Mí is my favorite street food memory of Vietnam.

Vietnamese sandwich store @NT Bành Mí

There is no choice when it comes to the Bành Mí. It’s either spicy or not. And I ordered spicy which was not a great idea. The Vietnamese don’t really do spicy and honestly it didn’t work for me. The sandwich itself though is almost like it should be. Crunchy baguette, still warm when I unwrap it at home. Usually you get thinly sliced pork belly and some kind of pâté in it, with lots of herbs, shredded carrots, and salad. I couldn’t say what was inside this one, but I felt almost transported back to Vietnam. So the sandwich is working its magic!

how the Vietnamese sandwich should look @NT Bành Mí

In better times the shop invites to sit down and you to enjoy your sandwich with a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Until I can go back to Vietnam, this is the next best thing. Yours, Pollybert


NT Bành Mí
1070 Wien, Lerchenfelder Str. 139
Tel: +43 699 18411779
Email: info@ntbanhmi.at
Mon–Sat: 11:00 – 18:00

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