Breakfast at Die Blumenwiese

When the weather gets warm in Vienna, everyone one to sit outside. One of the many favorite spots to do so in the city is the Donaukanal, where we had breakfast at Die Blumenwiese. I love the Donaukanal, since I live right next to it. But so do many other people. Especially in summer, this is the place to be. Bring your friends and something to drink and there is not even the need to sit in one of the many places along the water. When it comes to food though, I love to get it served.

We had a reservation but there was more than enough space this early in the morning. Die Blumenwiese is a large restaurant with a lot of outdoor seating, part of which has a roof covering.

the restaurant seen from the bridge above @Die Blumenwiese

terrace seating @Die Blumenwiese

The breakfast menu brings no surprises, it’s all very standard Austrian food. Although finding Eggs Benedict on it was a surprise in itself. So far the restaurants along the channel are not known for their culinary expertise. But of course we both got the Eggs Benedict, one portion with ham and the other with spinach. I still love them, even though they have gotten the hipster approval and are now served everywhere.

The Eggs Benedict, with actually two eggs, were quite a pleasant surprise. Served on an English muffin, with a choice of ham, spinach,  or smoked char (the fish must be a novel approach to the whole egg breakfast), with a lovely coating of sauce Hollandaise. Looking at it, the eggs felt a bit forlorn on this plate. Also, as nice as the red chilies looked, I just don’t know what they do on a plate of Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Florentine actually @Die Blumenwiese

The ‘English muffin’ has never met a real muffin before, but even with the toast underneath, the Eggs Benedict were really good. Especially the sauce surprised me with its buttery, slightly acidic taste. Really lovely with the eggs and the amount of wilted spinach on my plate. Best of all was the feeling of not having indulged too much, because the portion is rather small.

Also the coffee turned out to be good quality, with a fresh taste and not sour. Overall, I really liked Die Blumenwiese. If I sound astonished, maybe this is because I didn’t expect much from one of the restaurants along the channel. But it did it turn into a lovely surprise. Die Blumenwiese is nice spot to meet for breakfast and start a walk along the water. Yours, Pollybert


Die Blumenwiese
1020 Wien, Höhe Obere Donaustraße 100 am Donaukanal
Tel: +43 1 366 55 55
Sun–Thu: 12:00–22:00, Fri–Sat: 12:00–23:00 (breakfast only Thu-Sun: 09:00-13:00)

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