Eggs Benedict in Vienna (Part 3)

As written already twice before (here and here), testing and tasting Eggs Benedict (or some kind of variation) in Vienna is still a work in progress. I love these eggs in all its glory and love to write about them even more. I manage to eat something else for breakfast even less nowadays, since they have become increasingly popular in Vienna. Never mind, this is what the this blog post is for. To tell you all about the newest places on where to go for Eggs Benedict. Yours, Pollybert

Adlerhof: The Adlerhof offers the Eggs Benedict in a basic version: muffin, eggs, sauce. Optional are graved lax, ham, or spinach as add-on. I decided on the ham in its classic version. Unfortunately what came out of the kitchen was not ideal. The muffin had more to do with an overgrown pancake than with your typical English muffin. The bread was doughy and not in the least toasted. The consistency was like a wet sponge and not at all to my liking. The same goes actually for the sauce as well. While it was definitely self-made there was way too much lemon in it. A rather sour experience.

Eggs Benedict @Adlerhof

Propeller Wien: Eggs Benedict at Propeller Wien come on a slice of toasted bread. The bread itself is very nice but doesn’t work with the eggs. It’s too toasted and crunchy. I would have liked to to have something more spongy to soak up the yolk. There was no need to soak up the sauce because there was not enough of it. But what was there was delicious. Definitely a place to keep an eye on to see how the eggs come along.

Eggs Benedict @Propeller

Lingenhel: So far Lingenhel holds the first place for the most expensive eggs Benedict ever. And then it is only one egg. As you can see, they do look delicious. But there is not enough sauce Hollandaise. Which is really too bad, because the sauce is delightful! Then the egg: there is only one and it is not runny enough. So overall there is not enough liquid to soak the thick slab of brioche on which the egg comes. Also the brioche is a tad sweet. And despite the great quality of the ham and every single ingredient, these eggs Benedict are just not what I want.

Egg Benedict @Lingenhel

Mae Aurel: Eggs Benedict come here in all form and sizes, but it is always only one egg. I got the Croissant Madame here, which as the name implies is a croissant with ham and spinach and necessary sauce Hollandaise to bring on this post. It was actually quite good except for the sauce, which comes straight out of the convenience sector. The original Egg Benedict fared even worse, because it comes on a rather thick and dry slice of brioche.

Madame Croissant @Mae Aurel

Ma Belle Bistro: There is a new French Bistro in town which also offers Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Here they are called oeuf benedict and oeuf royale. Don’t get fooled, there are two poached eggs on toasted brioche despite the grammar error. The eggs are great, even though the vegetarian version gets omitted. But you can’t have it all. The sauce is home-made and spot on taste wise, as well as generously poured over ham or smoked salmon. Lovely dish when you leave out the truffle cream.

oeuf Benedict @Ma Belle

Erich: The Eggs Benedict, or ‘Benny Eggs’ as they are called at Erich, are unfortunately a disappointment. The eggs rest on a thick slice of brioche which is dry. Or maybe there was just not enough sauce Hollandaise for so much bread. Because the little sprinkle of sauce wasn’t even enough to say if it was home-made or not. To make it short, this dish has no affiliation to Eggs Benedict. And the cold tomato salsa on top didn’t help either.

Benny Eggs @Erich

Clementine im Glashaus: Except for the cast iron pan, in which the Eggs Benedict arrived, everything else is perfect. The brioche, in which the egg (only one) laid, was buttery and fluffy, I almost wished for another to eat it alone. The sauce Hollandaise was perfect, it tasted rich and slightly acidic to balance out the the butter. I can’t remember the ham though, but who cares when you have fresh herbs and salad leaves also vying for your attention. A really nice dish in luxurious environment.

Eggs Benedict @Clementine im Glashaus

Die Sattlerei: When it comes to the perfect Eggs Benedict, Die Sattlerei should come to mind. The egg (only one) comes with the perfect English muffin. So far only the Joseph bakery mastered this feat. Instead of having to choose between Florentine or Benedict, you get the best of everything. Ham, wilted spinach, and a portobello mushroom. All of this comes in form of a tower, enrobed in the most delicious sauce Hollandaise. My personal winner so far!

Egg Benedict @Die Sattlerei

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