Breakfast at Café Little Britain

The Café Little Britain is in an area of the 2nd district which seems otherwise remarkably barren. While I followed I could see no other coffeehouse or restaurant. So it’s no wonder the place was packed when we arrive at 9am. You definitely need a reservation here. The style of Café Little Britain reminded me of Rosamunde Pilcher. At least from the movies, not sure if coffeehouses look like this in Cornwall. In Scotland they for sure don’t.

dining room @Café Little Britain

Since we would breakfast at an English place, I forwent my usual espresso and ordered black tea with milk. The tableware was in line with the rest of the place. As much as I wanted to hate it, I actually enjoyed the excessive styling.

a pot of tea and orange juice @Café Little Britain

We both got an English breakfast (if not at Café Little Britain, then when?), which comes in two sizes. I got the smaller version with only one egg and sausage and two slices of toast, because I really wanted to get scones with clotted cream and jam after. But even though I got the small portion, I had to order the scones for to go (they were okay, but I wouldn’t come back just for them).

small English breakfast @Café Little Britain

The English Breakfast unfortunately is nothing to write home about. The egg was nicely fried, as was the bacon, but the baked beans had a metallic taste (maybe stored in an open can?). The abundance of freeze-dried chives also didn’t instill much confidence in the kitchen. If you really want to eat good English breakfast in Vienna, try this place. Nonetheless the cake counter looked enticing, but after everything I am not sure if the cakes are worth the calories. Yours, Pollybert

cake counter @Café Little Britain


Café Little Britain
1020 Wien, Engerthstrasse 249
Wed-Sun: 09:00-18:00

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