The doors of Orkney

The doors of Orkney all look a little bit similar. Sturdy wooden doors without any adornments, and they all come in different colors. They reminded me of the ones I saw in Dublin. I think there the doors were similar. Most of them have also a window somewhere. Either on top or in the middle. I have to come back to these colors though. Some of them looked really bright. Isn’t that fantastic to have a yellow entrance door? It appears so inviting and makes me very happy just by looking at it. I hope these doors invoke the same feeling in you. Yours, Pollybert

one of the many grey doors of Kirkwall @Orkney

bright yellow door @Stromness

iron grille garden door @Kirkwall

green door with green pillars @Stromness

blue door with overhead glass @Kirkwall

light lavender door @Stromness

interesting symbols above the door @Kirkwall

orange or peach – what do you think @Stromness

might have been the door of the town hall @Kirkwall

greyish green doors @Stromness

lime green door in Kirkwall @Orkney

white on white door @Stromness

The light fixtures were not for Christmas. Apparently this is a year-round feature.

red door with pillars @Kirkwall

the only iron door I saw on Orkney @Stromness

more pillars and a blue door @Kirkwall

not sure what the plaque on top means, but was intrigued @Stromness

doors in blue @Kirkwall

Let me know what you think

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