More impressions from Costa Rica

These are the shots which didn’t find a spot in my Costa Rica posts about Cahuita, La Fortuna, Monteverde, Montezuma, and Tamarindo. It’s not a best off from my epic trip but rather moments that I enjoyed. This journey was amazing and I can’t believe that it took me so long to bring it to an end on the blog. But slowly reliving these three weeks again during the last couple of months, was totally amazing.

So many memories are coming back looking at these pictures. Long walks through the rain forest, literally while it rained, or on the beach. Always on the lookout for animals and the joy I felt when they decided to just cross my way or make such a racket that I easily spotted them.

Costa Rica was easily the best destination after months of being locked away during the pandemic. What a country, there is nothing that compares to the nature and the people here. Pura Vida all the way. Yours, Pollybert

access to Playa Negra @Cahuita

somewhere between Monteverde and Limonal @Costa Rica

which snack to choose @Costa Rica

how to recognize if a tree is male or female @La Fortuna

taking a moment for yourself @Montezuma

what happy looks like @La Fortuna

endless view @Mistico Hanging Bridges Park

what you see on the beach @Tamarindo

colorful garden door @Cahuita

the beach of the national park of Cahuita @Costa Rica

light blue water @Rio Celeste

the perfect name for surf school @Montezuma

happy in front of Rio Celeste @Costa Rica

how I imagine the stairway to heaven @Monteverde

these leaves looked as if they were made of plastic, but it’s all natural @Monteverde

water @Tamarindo

cloudy day @Tamarindo

hollow tree which separates in three different trunks @Monteverde

really tiny plants growing on a tree @Monteverde

a plant raising its ‘arms’ like a boxer @Monteverde

foodmarket El Mercadito @Tamarindo

moss can grow on everything @Monteverde

what’s left of a leaf after a hungry insect came by @Monteverde

Pollybert waiting for a pick-up @La Fortuna

not once was there lamb on the menu @Costa Rica

the weirdest stuff I ever saw hanging from a tree trunk @Montezuma

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