What I learned on Kos

In hindsight Kos was an excellent vacation in Greece. This island, close to Turkey all the way in the east, has beautiful beaches and is rich in historic buildings and excavations. Here you can do a lot more than just stay on the beach, if you so inclined. If you just want to relax, Kos offers enough sandy beaches to while away your time. Even though I have been a lot of times in Greece already, there is always something new to learn and to discover. So here we go. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Going to Kos with a package deal made all the difference. On the flight they served a hot meal and we got drinks. Also a transfer to our hotel was included. Just the way you like a vacation to start.

2.) The difference between Doric and Ionic pillars lies in the cut of the grooves. The Doric pillars have a sharp end and have 20 grooves, while the Ionic pillars have a little bridge left and have 24 grooves.

3.) Almost all rental cars are white, gas was expensive with 2,55 EUR per liter, and we got the last car of Kefalos. There was a definite shortage of rentals on the island.

all the white rental cars @Fortress of Antimachia

4.) Kos has some traffic circles, where you have to give way for the cars on the inside of the circle.

5.) Natural shade is the best shade. Even better when there is a little wind.

natural shade and archeological finds @Agios Stefanos beach

6.) Although too much wind on the beach made me shiver and I needed a blanket. Always the same troubles.

7.) Food was diverse and a bit different from other islands. Like caper leaves and tomato jam. Overall though, we had some excellent meals on Kos.

8.) I still like to swing. Very happy therefore that my inner child is still going strong.

still love to swing @Agios Theologos beach

9.) Sometimes the beach looks best at night.

Kefalos beach @Kos

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