Karma Ramen

The ramen you eat at home has nothing to do with the ramen Karma Ramen serves you. This tiny restaurant has an open kitchen in the front room and a small bar with a couple of tables in the second. Without a reservation it’s hard to get a table, but there is always room to squeeze someone in. The restaurant is busy, and there’s constant coming an going. Most people don’t linger, but rather eat their ramen and leave. Which is understandable once you realize at home that you brought the cooking smell with you.

open kitchen with seating @Karma Ramen

All of us ordered ramen, on this cold evening it was the best choice. The menu is short with a couple of starters, six different ramen, some ‘Anti Ramen’ aka noodles with no soup, and three desserts. I liked that Karma Ramen serves Augustiner Bräu from the tab. I don’t even know if it’s available somewhere else in Vienna, so of course I needed to support this privately owned brewery from Salzburg. Karma Ramen also has a shandy from the tab, but this one is mixed with pear juice. Definitely interesting and something I might try next time.

My friend ordered the ‘Smoky Men’ ramen which is a smoky miso-sesame ramen with Tan Tan beef, egg, pak choi, menma, morels, and whiskey. The whiskey caused some alarm before ordering, but was never mentioned again once the ramen bowl sat in front of her. I guess the alcohol flavor got lost amidst all the others.

Smoky Men ramen @Karma Ramen

I got the Tokyo ramen which is a Shoyu ramen (a broth made of soy sauce) with chashu pork, egg, menma, soybean sprouts, and scallions. To quote the third person here would be unfair, because she disliked the pork flavor. But then how can you order a pork ramen? I liked it a lot, the ramen was full of deep flavor and the broth was light. Quite an achievement when it comes to pork.

Tokyo ramen @Karma Ramen

Karma Ramen might become my new go to place for all things ramen. It’s especially convenient since it lies directly on the U4, my home line. The food is yummy and the service quick, just not the right place to bring your date. Yours, Pollybert


Karma Ramen
1050 Wien, Rechte Wienzeile 2A
Tel: +43 680 3216838
Email: wienzeile@karmaramen.at
Mon-Sun: 11:30-21:15

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