All the flowers of Corfu

In hindsight the flowers of Corfu didn’t bloom in such abundance as I have seen them do on other islands. It’s of course possible that this year we rather stayed close to the beach because it was hot and we all just wanted to relax and cool down. So not traveling around a lot might have something to do with it. But Corfu is rather hilly and full of trees. Of course there will be less flowers to see.

Still, I’ve got a couple of pictures and you can clearly see that the vegetation on the Ionian islands is totally different from the Dodecanese islands on the other end of Greece. In any case, enjoy! Yours, Pollybert

this is such a nice color @Corfu

red roses work everywhere @Corfu

interesting flower @Corfu

again flowers in cerulean, this time on a tree @Corfu

what would be a Greek vacation without seeing oleander @Corfu

a soft shade of pink @Corfu

a mix of orange and blue @Corfu

yellow flower with a bug @Corfu

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