Breakfast at Treu am Platzl

Fall has arrived, but it still feels like summer. What a delight then that Treu am Platzl has, as can be derived from the name, a beautiful terrace. The large space in front of the Piaristenkirche allows two restaurants outdoor space. In summer the heat from the surrounding buildings can be a bit much, but by now the temperatures are perfect.

Piaristenkirche @Wien

terrace @Treu am Platzl

Treu am Platzl belongs to a group of people, who own, amongst others, Ramasuri and Drechsler. Something you realize the moment you look at the menu. I quite like the breakfast at the aforementioned places, but it does get boring that they all serve the same stuff. So even though you have three different restaurants with varying vibes, the menu is interchangeable.

Since I was already there I ate the eggs Benedict with saffron Hollandaise, always a crowd pleaser. Same goes for the Treu am Platzl. The eggs are perfectly poached and sit in the middle of their muffin halves. The ham underneath tastes great, and all of it is coated with a golden sauce. The sauce has a nice buttery taste, the saffron is only detectable as a hint in the back. Interestingly enough, the only difference I can spot, is the garlic crouton on top. I am not sure, who signed off on this, but it doesn’t work and shouldn’t be there.

eggs Benedict @Treu am Platzl

My friend ate the spicy chorizo omelette with red pepper, jalapeño chili, and extra feta cheese on top. Half an avocado, marinated baby Swiss chard, and two slices of rye bread complete this breakfast plate.

spicy chorizo omelette @Treu am Platzl

The omelette was nicely done and lovely color. I heard no complaints, so from the looks of it I have to assume that it was tasty.

It’s astonishing that the quality at all three restaurants is consistently high. The eggs Benedict taste as delicious here as at the other locations, and service is friendly and efficient. I just wish, since the kitchen knows its craft, that they would be a bit more daring. Can’t there be a monthly changing breakfast dish? Something new and exciting? Maybe even the kitchen staff would be happy to try their hand at something new. In any case, Treu am Platzl offers great food. Nothing wrong with taking this one into your breakfast rotation. Yours, Pollybert


Treu am Platzl
1080 Wien, Piaristengasse 52
Tel: +43 670 5521230
Mon-Fri: 08:00-24:00, Sat–Sun: 09:00-24:00

great start into the weekend @Treu am Platzl

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