Breakfast at Kutsch

Kutsch is a relatively new restaurant around the already popular Kutschkermarkt in Vienna. Nonetheless I already made it there for dinner twice. The food was good both times, so when I read that Kutsch also offered breakfast I had to go see it for myself. At the early hour we arrived Kutsch was still empty, but little by little the restaurant filled up.

entry room @Kutsch

back room @Kutsch

For Easter Kutsch had its own breakfast menu, which also included some of the regular dishes like eggs Benedict with nutbutter sauce Hollandaise. Of course I needed to try these, no matter that Easter was around the corner and new dishes were ready to be sampled. For the first time since ages I also ordered some juice, because Kutsch has rhubarb juice on the menu. Although very popular in Germany, this fancy never really made it across the border. I on the other hand got fixed on rhubarb by my grandmother, who brought the rhubarb taste back from England.

coffee and rhubarb juice @Kutsch

Shortly after coffee our breakfast arrived. It was honestly impressive how  quick it was, but on the other hand I was a bit worried what it meant for my eggs Benedict. Was everything ready made and not fresh at all? I shouldn’t have worried. The moment I tasted these eggs Benedict, I knew that they were exceptional. I would even go so far as to say that they are the best I have eaten so far in Vienna!

eggs Benedict @Kutsch

Let’s start with the muffin, which was made here on the premise and not bought from somewhere else. It had a chewy consistency and I would have liked a little bit more of it. There was so much of the extremely tasty sauce Hollandaise, with more muffin I could have let the plate go back squeaky clean. That was unfortunately not the case, because I couldn’t lick the plate. Was there a nutty flavor in the sauce as promised? I can’t say, because once I mixed it with the yolk and the ham, individual flavors got lost. But eaten together with a bite of each component on the plate, it was a revelation! Wow!

Also the other breakfast dish, a savory Easter pinca, received lots of praise. I was a bit astonished to see that on the menu, as in Austria we usually eat it as a sweet dish. There is a bit of sugar in the dough after all, to get the yeast going. But at Kutsch it was served with bacon, a fried egg, some salad, and tomato slices. What was sweet and needed some salt, was not the bun but the tomatoes. Imagine that, at this time of the year to eat sweet tomatoes. That speaks volumes for the produce in play at Kutsch. A lovely breakfast dish for Easter.

savory Easter pinca @Kutsch

Service was friendly and really quick. Right away we got some water, even before we had ordered coffee. Always a plus in my books. After finding out about these incredible eggs Benedict, Kutsch has a place on my permanent rota for breakfast places! And let’s not forget the rhubarb juice. What can I say, I am happy about this addition to my list. Yours, Pollybert


1180 Wien, Schopenhauerstraße 19
Tel: +43 676 3668849
Wed-Fri: 13:00-15:00, 17:30-22:30; sat: 09:00-15:00, 17:30-22:30; Sun: 09:00-15:00

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