What else to eat in Oslo

Besides visiting Ett Bord we tested/tasted our way through Oslo. There is quite a lot of food on offer even though not everything looks enticing.

snack bar of 7/11 @Oslo

We tried the fish soup in Oslo and it was very different from all others I had before. It was not clear but rather thickened with cream which takes a bit away from the fish. The place was great, all glass and right at the harbor. But expensive and small portion. We should have avoided it.

fish soup from ‘Det nye Fisketorget‘ @Oslo

Dinner at Grådi was excellent but the room was drafty. We tried the lomper (which was like a burrito but made out of potatoes) in two versions and the catch of the day. Portions were small; the restaurant recommended three per person for a full meal. The food was very tasty. Not much of side dishes though.

Lomper with pork from Grådi @Oslo

catch of the day from Grådi @Oslo

We had excellent bollers (see here for an example of a boller) from the Godt Brød in Grünerlokka for breakfast once. So good, so soft and just a delight to bite into it. The only caveat is that the place is full of children since it opens early and has a large room in the back. It can get noisy.

boller breakfast from Godt Brød @Oslo

Breakfast at The Nighthawk Diner offers a real American experience. It’s something you can miss. Interestingly enough it is very popular in Oslo. The restaurant had a huge line-up on Sunday morning. Portions are big and you really get a lot for your money. But it was not great. I pestered my friends to go there since I needed to eat Eggs Benedict and it was so not worth it.

Eggs Benedict from The Nighthawk Diner @Oslo

Dinner at Elias mat & sånt yielded a better fish soup but overall it was just okay. I had a fish carpaccio and reindeer stew and both were bland. Actually the carpaccio had dill and balsamic on top. What was that supposed to do? The lamb chops were lovely though and the desserts rich and yummy.

fish carpaccio from Elias mat & sånt @Oslo

black current crumble pie with creme fraiche from Elias mat & sånt @Oslo

Sadly I have to say that Oslo disappointed a bit. After Copenhagen last year I was convinced that the food in the north is absolutely delicious. Sorry to say that Oslo couldn’t keep up with Copenhagen at all. Still, the boller were lovely and there are many more restaurants we haven’t tried. So maybe I should give Oslo another chance on the culinary front. Maybe one of you has a better suggestion on where to go for eggs Benedict in Oslo? And I am also grateful for any other restaurant  recommendations. Yours, Pollybert

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